The Rules Have Changed.
Bring Merchant Credit Card Processing Fees to 0.0%

Providing you a solution to managing credit card processing fees!

The CardCharge™ Premier program eliminates the Merchant transaction cost of accepting unlimited credit cards transactions for $39.95/month.

The CardCharge™ Premier program pre-processes each transaction and generates a 3.5% processing fee for customers that choose to pay with a credit card.

Debit card payments under the CardCharge™ Premier program are processed for free for the cardholder. In turn, merchants can accept VISA, MasterCard and Discover Network credit cards and pay nothing for processing the payments. 100% of the price of the product or service is deposited to the merchant bank account.


Here’s how CardCharge™ works:

Person using credit card reader


Merchants Can Bring Their Cost of Processing Credit Cards to 0.0% for $39.95 per month
Small shop owner / sales clerk isolated


Merchants can now process unlimited credit card transactions for 0.0%
100% of the sale is deposited to the Merchant account
Woman's hands holding a credit card and using tablet pc


A 3.5% fee is charged to customers using a credit card

Let the professional staff at Card Charge Trx help bring your credit card charges to ZERO!



Or, for more information, call Card Charge Trx at (203) 857-9200.

Please see the Merchant Application of this program for the complete terms and conditions.
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